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As a long-time traveler, I have used my yoga mat as my home away from home.  I thought my life’s purpose was to fly all around the world and that my yoga mat would keep me grounded.   There was always something missing from the grounding of my yoga mat but I couldn’t figure out what I was missing until I met my Redeemer.  I continue to value yoga but devote my life to Jesus. 


When my yoga practice merged with my Christian practices I recognized that I had found a very powerful connection with God. This is what I want to share with other Christians the power of meditation, movement, merged together with The Word.  God has called me to share this with you. 


Discovering Christ was a life altering experience.  But then what?  I didn’t know how to pray and was terrified to pray in front of others.  I started with leaning into what I did know which was how to meditate.  When I meditate on scripture I feel a deep connection with God and by focusing on scripture I am given the opportunity to bring the Word into my bones.

My daily practice has evolved into a combination of prayer and mediation that I call the prayer weave. I have discovered prayer and meditation are a learned practice.  There is no wrong way to pray and any time spent with God is not wasted but getting guidance in doing so is important. Having daily connections with God is essential and can be avoided or skipped, it shouldn’t be but we have to remember some people have never been explicitly taught how.  


Salt and Light Movement aspires to teach everyone the fundamentals of meditation, movement and prayer.  We will grow together using the Bible as our foundation.  I am super excited to see how this all unfolds as I continue my seminary work at Fuller University, teach a yoga teacher training at Das Rec, and share all of this knowledge with you.  Come on a journey with me and connect with Jesus through movement, prayer and meditation.


My Practice

My sessions will focus on a different piece of scripture followed by movement and meditation. I help people to develop a daily practice with Christ.  My goal is to get you in The Word, moving and meditating so your focus on your life with Jesus.  When we set Jesus as the authority of our life before anything or anyone else we are able to have a more Christ-like day.  


Jesus & Yoga, a session  scripture followed by movement and meditation

Weekend Workshops

This workshop is a weekend workshop that takes people through the experience of prayer, meditation and movement.  

10-Week Series

This series is a 10-week program into different topics related to Jesus & yoga. We will take a deep dive into the Bible, yoga poses, and yoga history. 



Julie Ernest

I love to hear you gently walk us through the teaching and movement.  I love hearing your heart behind it all.  Its wonderful to be under your teaching!


Elena Magana

I have been in many yoga classes over the years but Emmy’s are by far my favorite.  She is always introducing something new while including all the classic poses.  She does a great job of leading you into a guided meditation.  After every class my body and soul feel refreshed and rested.


Andre Moubarak

I am so impressed with the teaching you have done and how you intertwined yoga with the Bible it was so deep and anointed


Brittany Morton

Emmy has a special way of connecting that made us feel relaxed and sage.  I left the experience feeling renewed and ready for the next one.  I would highly recommend Salt and Light

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