Jesus & Yoga: Finding Jesus Within

What you get 

* Seven 25 minute devotional sessions with me
* Unlimited access to these videos to repeat at your convenience
* Mentoring sessions available
* A new community of people seeking the Lord at the Salt and Light FB page

A new kind of devotional practice

Many of us wake up in the morning and spend time with the Lord through various devotionals.  Salt and Light is different. We bring movement into your devotional time.  Through this video series, you will go on an internal journey with the Lord through a message, movement and meditation.  Each video is around 25 minutes long.


An Internal Practice

Focusing on an internal practice that will help you connect with the Lord before you set out for the day.  I recommend that these videos are done first thing in the morning, setting Jesus as the authority of your day, but they are useful at any point in the day that fits your routine. Meditation, prayer, lamentation, breath, being present, empathy and rest are the internal practices we will focus on in these videos. 



All movements are light and designed for people of all movement levels.  The intention behind having movement as a piece of your devotional time is to have gratitude for the body God has given you and to help you settle before sitting in quiet meditation and prayer.  Many of us find ourselves distracted mentally even when we are in prayer.  The goal of this series is to quiet your mind to help you connect with the Lord.  

Series Details:

What is this course about?

Video 1: Meditation

Learn the basics of scripture meditation


Video 3: Lament

God can handle everything, even our anger.  We will discuss the forgotten practice of lament


Video 5: Being Present

We are living anwered prayers now.  Lets take a moment and be present in the gifts God has given us now. 


Video 2: Prayer

Learn how to weave prayer into your meditation


Video 4: Breath

Ma Nishma- Hebrew for how is your breath today?  The importance of breath is Biblical.  Lets inhale and exhale Emanuel together.


Video 6: Empathy

Love your neighbor.  Being apart of a community starts within.

Video 7: Rest

"Be still and Know I am God"

God calls us to work and to rest.  We will spend the final video of this series focusing on the importance of rest.

Sunset in the Forest

What to can you expect?

Tier One

Videos + Q&A via email with me.

(Value $150)



for a limited time

Tier Two

Videos plus 5 mentoring sessions with me.

*During this time we will work on developing a personal daily practice with Jesus through meditation, yoga and prayer.  We will begin the process of developing embodied faith.

(Value $350)



Tier Three

Videos plus 10 mentoring sessions

(Value $700)




3.5 hours of content

-Review content again and again.

- Quiet time with Jesus.




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